Become a select member of the Damn Fine Bacon Club, or what we’re calling the Damn Fine Bacon CSB (“Connoisseurs of Select Bacon”)!

We are going on an indefinite hiatus as of January, 2018.

If you want to add on to your current subscription, now is the time to do it – you can add on additional pounds below plus we have Black Back Bacon!!!

Imagine getting as much bacon as you NEED! All you have to do is join the club. Once you’re a member, I will cure, smoke and package your bacon for you—then, like a box of produce from your CSA farm, you just pick it up!

You can join for three ($42), six ($84), or nine ($126) months at a time.  The pick up point in San Francisco is at SUCCULENCE in Bernal Heights on the first Saturday of every month. It’s a great shop with succulent plants as well as a range of homesteading supplies.

We also have two East Bay locations! You East Bay People can get that Damn Fine Bacon fix without having to slog over to the chilly microclimates of the West Bay. They’re also on the first Saturday of the month.

One’s at a front porch of an old friend who lives on 60th, between Telegraph and Claremont, in Oakland.

The second one’s an Alameda pickup spot. Get your bacon without leaving the island! An enterprising club member has brought Damn Fine Bacon to her porch.

In Marin, the pickup location is on Juanita Ave. in Mill Valley.  It’s at the home of my partner-in-pig.

Every month you’ll be able to add on to your standard delivery of a pound of sliced bacon. As I make new varieties of bacon, you’ll get preview samples. If you want to throw a bacon-centric party or some other gloriously indulgent event that cries out for bacon, as a member and with enough of a heads-up, we can help make this happen!

Is one pound a month not enough? You can sign up for as many memberships as you want—you’ll get more gifts that way, too!

For members who aren’t able to make a monthly commitment, we now offer one-time pickups. You still have to be a member and you still pick up on the first Saturday of every month. This is also the way to add on to your monthly subscription—extra bacon, a jar of oil, special items, etc.


Get Yer Bacon!