bacon curing
bacon curing - up close
wood smoke
smoked bacon

The Damn Fine Bacon Club is GOING ON HIATUS….

Our last (for now) Club pickup will be January, 2018
thank you to all our members, past and current


Who wants bacon?
Everyone—even some vegetarians

Well, I’ve been making bacon for over a decade, just for me and a few lucky friends.  These lucky friends suggested I make this for other people.

Here it is — Damn Fine Bacon and you can get some, too!

This isn’t the pink soggy stuff from the supermarkets—this is artisanal bacon, made by hand and smoked in really small batches right here in the Bay Area.

The best way to get this special bacon is to join the Damn Fine Bacon Club – only $14 for a pound of sliced artisanal bacon delivered to your local pick-up spot monthly!

Right now, Damn Fine Bacon is only available locally.

I use heritage breed pork, raised in all the right ways and eating all the right things, hormone and anti-biotic free.