The end of Super Streaky…

The day has finally come. I have run out of the Super-Streaky slab bacon. These were slabs cut from bellies that, after they were smoked, I found were way too fatty to be sold as Stephen’s Premier. I wasn’t charged for them so I decided to freeze them, cut them up as needed, and give them away as gifts to the early members as they signed up or renewed. Well, as of this morning, the last slabs were taken by two renewing members and a new sign up.

Moving forward, there will no longer be a sign up or renewal gift for three-month subscriptions. The six- and nine-month subscriptions will still get the chili oil and the extra half-pound of sliced bacon.

I know that some of you will be sad about the loss of our old friend, but all things must pass. However, we will, from time-to-time, have ends or off-cut bits available by special request.

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Bacon Club is up and ready!

Jill did a great job!  Now you can sign up for the best bacon and get as much as you can chew every month!  Don’t forget to come see us at New Taste Market July 16th!!

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Damn Fine Bacon Club

We’re working out the kinks on this – please bear with us! The Club will be live in a short while….

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Super Streaky Bacon

Recently I smoked a whole mess of bellies from a different farm. Although the end result was every bit as delicious as any Stephen’s Premier Bacon, the ratio of fat to lean was more than I felt represented a serious slice of Damn Fine Bacon. But what to do with all this smoky-piggy-fatty belly?  In England, belly bacon is known as Streaky Bacon, because of the streaks of lean running through the fat. I’m calling this bacon Super Streaky, and I’m giving it as bonus bacon when people join the club.

You can dice it small and cook it with an omelet or a sauté, cube it (I cubed it up for a pasta salad at an Eatwell Farms members’ event, and everyone loved it) for salads, use it in a braise, lard or drape a roast – lots of options. You’ll get a good supply of bacon drippings from it!

I’m going to see if I can render the fat for smoky bacon lard!

Enjoy it. It’s bacon.

– Stephen

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What they’re saying….

“life affirming!”

“like bacon, but better!”

“that IS some Damn Fine Bacon!

these are some comments from April’s SFUnderground Market, where I unleashed Stephen’s Premier on an unsuspecting public – the smoke and smell from the bacon sizzling on the cast iron brought people to our little table – they were lining up to try it! The overwhelming consensus was that Damn Fine Bacon lives up to its name…..

i just gotta say… your bacon is the best i have ever tasted and ever will taste. (unsolicited Facebook comment)

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Bacon and the bees

father-son breakfast conversation:
father – “you know the hardest thing in the world is to think of others.”
son (age 9) – “especially when its about bacon”

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